We bring the remote doctor closer to the patient.

MindsView Technologies is developing the next generation of AR glasses designed to bridge the gap between doctors and experts.

MindsView Technologies ARNet Glasses
ARNet AR Glasses

Consulting plays a crucial role in real time problem solving.

The Problem

Consulting plays a crucial role in real time problem solving. Take Healthcare for example. Every working day physicians in the US ER departments manage 411,000 patients. 40% of these ER visits require a consultation.

However senior staff is not always readily available for on-site consults. Current solutions using mobile devices provide spotty video views that often makes it difficult for the remote expert to get a complete picture with a connection whose reliability is not guaranteed.

The Costs of a missing or in-depth consult are often preventable errors that can be catastrophic. 80% of all serious medical errors involve mistakes due to missing information. Resulting in $1.7 billion in malpractice costs and almost 2000 preventable deaths each year. Each year 7.4% of all physicians had a malpractice claim. The mean indemnity payment was $246,000.

The Solution - ARNet

ARNet features Mindsview’s novel Tele-Video AR glasses, which break the existing cost barriers for mass deployment of AR video glasses such that they can be positioned in hands reach of everyone in the organization.

The company’s unique intellectual property enables the remote expert to pan, tilt and zoom in on the problem and mark up what needs to be done with verifiable accuracy on the part of the viewer.

ARNet AR Glasses

Introducing ARNet.

A turnkey, complete system solution for implementing Augmented Reality across the breadth of your organization featuring accuracy and quality of service affordable and scalable.

How it Works

Front Doctor in the ER or a paramedic on site are viewing the patient wearing ARNet glasses.

The Tele-Video AR glasses interface with the ARNet Connection Engine that routes the consultation to available experts, while continuously monitoring and optimizing the quality of the video connection.

The expert uses the ARNet Expert’s Assistant App to optimize the view for full situational awareness and then use the application specific tools to mark up the video and guide the viewer.

Meet the Team

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Gabriel Dan


Over 32 years of Project Management experience. 10 years CTO/R&D Manager in multidiscip. Medical Devices. BSc. in Aerospace Engineering, ME.

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David Rosenblatt, Ph.D


Co-founder of Camereyes, Next Dimension, Nurtech and GWS Photonics. CTO of Leeds and Northrop/Honeywell Solid State Division.

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Dov Bachar


Over 35 years of experience in R&D specializes in secured military wireless systems and C4I. M.B.A University of Manchester.

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Aviv Holin

Marketing Director

Former Operative Intelligence expert, with over 10 years of International Business Development and Marketing experience.

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March 23, 2022

MindsView participates in Accelerator

MindsView Technologies was selected to participate in 8200’s unit Impact Accelerator starting Sepetmber 2021.

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February 16, 2022

Signed cooperation with Ichilov

MindsView Technologies signed a 3 years Medical Cooperation Agreement with Ichilov Hospital to develop and deploy ARNet systems in the hospital.

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February 16, 2022

Awarded IIA and Mashav grant

MindsView Technologies awarded IIA and Mashav grant to develop and demonstrate its ARNet system for developing countries.

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