A turnkey, full system solution, implementing reliable on-demand Tele-Video Consulting.

IP: ARNet Glasses

Provisional patent on novel AR Glasses hardware and software for tele-video.

IP enables breaking the cost barrier for mass deployment.

Remote Personnel shares AR markup with user verifiable accuracy.

Real-time on demand collaboration.

Remote personnel controls viewing angle and zoom in order to examine details.

The Tele-Video AR Glasses interface with the ARNet Connection Engine that routes the consultation to available experts, while continuously monitoring and optimizing the quality of the video connection.

ARNet Solution Features

An image of the ARNet AR Glasses

Tele-Video AR Glasses

Cost effective for deployment anywhere. Puts remote personnel in control of the view for full situational awareness with real time audio, video and AR.

An image of the ARNet Monitoring App

Connection Engine

Reliably connect users to help while continuously monitoring and optimizing quality and service.

An image of the ARNet Assistant Application

Assistant Application

Customized for each application. Acts like a coaches assistant with video mark up, data archival tools, protocol & check lists.

How it Works